Richmond Ramblers

We walk in London and the South East.

Could You Lead a Walk?

You will have noticed that there are often gaps in the programme because of a shortage of leaders. The lack of leaders makes the work of the walks organisers harder, and puts an unfair burden on the current leaders who take the time and effort to prepare and lead walks.

We continually need new leaders to replace those we lose from time to time, and appeal to regular walkers, who benefit from the efforts of others, to step forward and help. Leading walks is not rocket science. There are experienced leaders who will advise, plan and come out on a reconnaissance with you and back you up on a walk.

Everyone has at least one favourite walk in them that they can follow, even without using a map, and there are plenty of walks in the local area to get you started. It doesn’t matter if the walk has been done before. 

Please help out and try leading a walk so that we can provide a full and varied programme.  Contact the Secretary or the programme organiser of our next programme and tell them that you will lead a walk.

Monday, January 21, 2019